Worst Days to Be Locked Out of Your Car

Car lockouts have a way of happening at the worst possible times. No matter how responsibly you keep your car keys or keep a spare key at home for such occasions, there will be times when you’re helplessly locked out of your car.

That’s when you realize the importance of emergency car lockout services. Without them, you won’t be able to drive or access the belongings that are locked inside with the keys. Want to know what could be the worst occasion for such mishaps to happen? Read on.


As your due date draws near, you wrap up the last of your preparations for the new baby. The nursery is done and set for their arrival. The hospital bag is packed with all the essentials you’ll need. You’ve cooked and packed the food for a few days into post-partum recovery. You’re all set to leave whenever it’s time.

The only shock you’re expecting is if your water breaks before time and you have to rush to the hospital in the middle of the night. You won’t expect to be locked out of your car at the eleventh hour, but it will happen if it’s bound to!

With labor pains and the panic of reaching the hospital in time, your partner may forget to keep an eye on the car keys. Chances are they’ll be locked out while loading the luggage in the car. It’s not just that you don’t have a ride; you’ve always locked everything inside, including the medical documents that you’ll need. You need car lockout assistance ASAP, and we’d be happy to provide it!

Health Emergency

It can be incredibly distressing if a health emergency occurs and there’s no way to reach the nearest hospital in time. It can be anything from a bone fracture to a stroke, second-degree burn, or a deep cut. You need immediate medical attention for it, and that’s why it’s best to have a car ready at all times.

Even though it’s possible to call an ambulance as well, depending on your situation, it may be better to save time and drive to the hospital yourself. You may be away from home when the emergency occurs, or you may need to reach the hospital where your loved one already is.

Hearing the news of friends or family in an intensive care unit is traumatic enough. You want to be there with them, but you can’t if you accidentally lock yourself out of the car. Waste no time and give us a call if you’re in Winchester; you’ll be on your way in the next hour!

A red rental car parked on the road

Rental Car

Imagine renting a luxury car for your anniversary weekend to staycation with your wife. You’re willing to pay for the expenses out of your pocket to do something special and extravagant for your anniversary! But that’s the most you can afford. You know you’ll be charged extra if you delay returning the car.

However, if you lock yourself out of it, you’re in a fix. You will get late on returning the car and pay a surcharge for the keys locked inside. We can save you from all that by offering our lockout services, so you’re on time and save the extra expense.

Call us at 540-535-6629 whenever you need us for car locksmith services in Winchester, and we’ll be there.

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