Why do Door Locks fail?

Failing door locks are a significant reason for break-ins and burglaries in residential neighborhoods. In a region like Winchester, where the crime rate was 1.4 times greater than the national average in 2017, homeowners can’t compromise home security. And having a robust security system is the first thing you should do!

If your door lock is easy to break in or unreliable, you need to get it repaired ASAP. You shouldn’t leave your home unguarded even for an hour because the risk is too high. However, if you know why door locks commonly fail, you can prevent problems from happening or realize them sooner the next time.

Here are some major reasons why door locks fail to secure your home properly.


There are locking points inside your door lock that need to engage the keeps to lock when you turn the key. If there’s an interruption in this mechanism, the door won’t lock. The elements are to blame for affecting the locking points and making the lock warp. It’s not always in case of a storm or visible weather changes. Slight fluctuations in humidity levels can also affect your lock system. If your door is not locking properly or opens upon turning without a key, it’s a huge security risk. Call us any day, and we’ll take a look at it.

Broken Key

If you don’t lubricate your locks and they rust from inside, it’ll get hard to pull the key out once it’s in. Tugging at it with full force or hitting the lock with a heavy object can damage both. In case the key breaks inside the lock, you won’t be able to use either of them. You need to get a professional locksmith service to change the lock or get the key out and make a new one for it.

Old Lock

Old locks tend to wear out from the insides with regular use. Every time you put the key in, it rubs against the locking points, causing them to erode with time. Even though this happens over many years, the expiration date of locks ultimately arrives. You will inevitably have to get the lock replaced with a new one if it has been very long since you got it changed. If it’s not working without an apparent reason, you should know it’s time to say good-bye to your good ol’ lock.


Damage upon impact is another leading cause of faulty locks. If something has hit your door, the chances are that the lock would have been damaged. This can happen on garage door locks when you accidentally reverse your car and bump into it or in case of a windstorm when a flying object hits your door. If your lock isn’t working anymore, give us a call, and we’ll come right away.

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