What To Do In Case of a Car Lockout?

Being locked out of your car can be extremely frustrating, especially if there are places you have to be. It’s only normal to feel panicked when you’re in this situation and might even consider trying out drastic solutions; however, remaining calm and collected can help you figure out the best course of action. Here are the steps you need to follow in case of a car lockout.

Find the Key

It’s both good and bad news if your keys are still inside the vehicle: bad because you’re locked out and good because at least you know where the keys are. In case you can’t find the keys inside the vehicle, it would be best to retrace your steps and calmly look in places you may have lost them in. Check around or under your vehicle as well. In case you can’t find the keys or find them inside your vehicle, you’d have to move on to the next step.

Don’t Use Hacks

No matter how desperately you have to use your car, it’s never a good idea to use hacks to open the car’s lock. Many of these hacks can end up seriously damaging your car’s locks, doors, or windows, and these can be quite costly to repair later on.

An interior view of a car parked in the woods

Call Family or Friends

If you are in a rush, contact a family member or a friend to give you a ride instead. Getting help may take time, and any self-applied hacks may cause damage.

Contact Professionals

Professional locksmiths are trained to rekey your car without damaging the lock. You can rely on mobile locksmith services in Winchester to reach your pin location in under half an hour and help you deal with the situation.

Call the local locksmiths in your area and ask them if they deal with auto lockouts. Be sure to mention your car’s make and model so that they bring the right tools.


An auto lockout can happen to anyone at any time. It is best to prepare for this situation in advance. Have a spare set of emergency car keys at your home so you can always access them in an emergency. You should also have the contact information of a trusted auto locksmith saved on your phone for times like these. If you regularly commute to work, ensure you have locksmith contacts saved in areas nearby so you can get their help as soon as possible.

If you are looking for help with auto lockouts in Winchester or are looking for a mobile locksmith, we can help. It takes us only around 20-30 minutes to reach you! Contact us here or call us anytime at 540-535-6629.

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