To Rekey Your Lock Or Replace It?

Lost your key again? Don’t sweat it. It happens to all of us. The main question at hand is what happens next. Your first instinct may be to replace the lock entirely, but there is another option you can consider as well.

Rekeying helps you keep the same lock but change the key that was once used to open it. It’s an intricate process that rekeying services Winchester can easily handle.

It’s often difficult to decide between these two options for lock repair. Let’s try to break it down.


Rekeying refers to altering the locking mechanism of a lock so that it’s impossible for an old key to open it. Instead, you’ll need a new key. One good reason for rekeying your lock is if all the locks in your house are of the same brand. It’s possible to alter all of these locks, provided they have the same keyhole. In this way, you can tweak the lock so that one key can open all locks in the house. You no longer need to worry about handling many different keys for different locks in your home.

If you’ve misplaced your old keys and are afraid that someone now has access to your home, it’s essential to rekey your locks that the old key doesn’t work anymore.

Are you moving into a new home? Your first plan of action should be to rekey all its locks. This way you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that only you and your family members have access to your home.

Replacing the lock

It’s very self-explanatory that your entire door lock is replaced with a new one in this option. In this way, you’ll have new locks and new keys for your home.

If your lock is old and worn out, the best option is to change it entirely. Worn-out locks make it easy for burglars to break into your home.

With access to new and improved locking systems, you may want to change your door’s traditional locking mechanism to something more modern and high-tech. Replacing is the only option to go for in this case.

Finally, if you want to match all the locks in your house to a single key, but these locks are of different brands, you’ll have to call a specialist to replace all locks to match the brand. Often many lock companies offer multiple locks with a single key, as it’s more convenient for customers.

A key unlocking the door


Let’s suppose you’re still confused between locking and replacing the door locks. You need to think about some basic things like affordability. In many cases rekeying is almost always cheaper than replacing locks as you save on purchasing brand new parts. The only cost is what you pay the locksmith.

If you’ve lost the key to your home, you should get a quote from a locksmith for rekeying and replacing the lock to compare and get the more affordable option. However, if you’ve recently experienced a break-in and your lock was picked, you’ll need to replace the locks entirely with a new and improved locking system.

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