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Things to Teach Your Children about Home Security

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According to a study, most break-ins occur during the summer, the time when children are often free from school. While there are many things you should do to save your house from burglary, it’s also important that you teach your children about home security to save everyone from potential harm.

Teach Your Children How to Use the Home Security Alarm System

It’s essential for everyone to know how home security systems work, especially for your children. If you already have a home security system installed, teach your children how to use it. This will not only make them feel secure but will also instill confidence that they can protect themselves.

Set Out Clear Rules for Everyone

Your children should know specific rules to understand the importance of safety. Stick the rules on your refrigerator or where everybody can see and remember them. Some good examples for safety rules can be:

  • Don’t give out the address to strangers
  • Don’t leave the house when alone
  • Keep all doors locked
  • Don’t give your keys to any strangers

Teach Teens to Supervise Younger Siblings

If you have older children, sit with them and have a conversation on how they can supervise their younger siblings. This can help develop responsibility in your children, and younger children can be protected at all times.

Keep Home Emergency Plans Ready

This step is useful for the whole family. Sit with your family and discuss what to do if they’re in an emergency. Run a drill of what you should do during an earthquake, flood, or robbery.

Never Allow Strangers Inside

If your children are old enough to stay home alone, it’s important that you teach them not to allow any stranger inside the house. Ask them to keep all doors and windows locked from the inside and only open them when they recognize someone they feel secure around.

How to Call an Emergency Service

Last but definitely not least, make your children familiar with emergency services in your area. Let them know how and when to call them. Try to teach them that asking for help isn’t really a problem, and they should know who to trust.

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Home security is as important as it can be. While it’s important that you know how to take care of your house in case of an emergency, it’s also beneficial to teach your children about it. But for the most part, having an up-to-date home security system can ensure safety for all.

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