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Should I Rekey Or Replace a Lock

A doorknob with a key in a keyhole

When it comes to fixing your lock, you might be unsure whether to opt for rekeying or replacing your lock. While there is no right or wrong answer that you can generalize, it mostly depends on the situation you’re in. In this blog, we’ll help you decide which service to opt for, depending on your situation.

When to Rekey?

Here’s when you should rekey your locks.

When You Lose Control of Who Has Access to Your Space

This is usually applicable to businesses. If there has been a change in your business’s staffing, you might be concerned that old employees still have access to your workspace. This is when you’d want to rekey your locks.

Another instance when you could lose control of your space is when you move in to a new home, and you might be concerned that the old owners might still have the keys to your house. It’s best to rekey your lock in this case.

When You Lose Your Key

If you lose your key, you might be concerned that someone might break into your house with that key. This is an extremely valid concern, and we recommend that you rekey your locks as soon as possible so you can feel safe at your place.

When to Replace?

Here’s when you should replace your lock.

When Your Hardware is Worn Out

Doorknob with keys

Worn out hardware is a good reason to replace your locks. If your lock is worn-out, no amount of rekeying will be able to fix it. Additionally, you might encounter problems with your lock in the long run. In this case, it’s better to replace your locks rather than rekeying them.

When You Want To Upgrade Your Security

Another good reason to replace your lock is when you want to upgrade your security. For instance, you can opt for a replacement if you want to switch from a basic lock to an electronic one. In this case, rekeying would naturally not be a good option.

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