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Reasons Why Should You Get a Smart Door Lock

A smartphone connected with a smart door lock

Do you know break-in is the second most occurring crime in the US? This makes it extremely important to have an up-to-date security system. We can all agree that in today’s era security needs are greater than ever. So finding the right lock is important.

To our benefit, with time, things are becoming smarter, and so are locks. Let’s have a look at some reasons you should get a smart door lock for your house:

Smartphone Friendly

We have all tried to rummage for the house keys while carrying grocery bags.  With smart door locks, all you have to do is connect your Bluetooth with a deadbolt, and the access to your lock system is in your hands.

Able To Send E-Keys

Did your relative show up early while you’re still stuck at work? With smart locks, you can send an E-key to people and help them enter your house or building. You might also need an E-key during these situations:

  • Renting out your home as a vacation spot
  • Allowing potential owners to take a tour of your house
  • Letting a friend in while you’re on your way

NOTE: These E-keys can also be deleted when needed.

Detect the Presence

Smart locks decrease the chances of you getting locked out of your home. These locks can detect your presence and can behave accordingly. Moreover, smart locks are also programmed to detect the presence of other people.

Better Security

To ensure better security at your home, you can install a smart lock. This keyless system will not give access to the deadbolt to anyone except the owner. Also, you can monitor the activities around your house.

Accessible Through Multiple Ways

Smart locks are accessible in multiple ways. Even though these locks can be operated via Bluetooth on your smartphone, they’re also compatible with Alexa.

Convenience for All

Elderly or differently-abled people might have issues unlocking traditional locks. But, with smart locks, they can gain easy access to their homes. Moreover, people with grip issues due to arthritis can also benefit from smart locks because of their key-less function.

A door with a smart lock

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