Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Fix a Locked Door

When you lose your house or car keys, you know it’s one of those bad days. You start to panic and wonder what to do. Then you remember the YouTube video you saw a while ago, explaining all the door unlocking hacks you should try when you find yourself in such a situation.

While some hacks do work, most land you in greater trouble. This blog post will share some of the mistakes you should avoid when trying to fix a locked door.

Curled-wire Hack

This hack takes a soft wire curled into a hook, often in the shape of a coat-hanger. You slide in the wire and try to unlock the door lock inside your car. If you’re nowhere near as experienced as the person in the video you watched, chances are you’d ruin your car windows or scratch its tints.

It can also permanently damage your car lock and ruin the beautiful interior. It’s better to reach to a professional to avoid this.

Screwdriver and Rod

Remember those movies where the villain takes a rod and a screwdriver, and bam! He breaks into a nice car. Never do that. It only works in the movies. If you take up a rod and a screwdriver to your door lock or your car door, you’ll only regret it later.

This hack involves making an opening between the door and the wall, so you can bump the lock sideways with a rod. This might permanently damage your door, or if you’re working on a car, it’ll ruin its paint and shape.

It’s better to throw these tools aside and call a professional to ensure your car’s or home’s safety and avoid any repair-related costs.

 key stuck in white door

Trying Similar keys

It might sound tempting to try all the other similar keys to the locked door, but it’s not. If you think all the keys are more or less same, they’re not. Each key is designed for its specific lock.

If you try to force a similar key into the lock, you’d probably break it or jam it inside. Now you lost a perfectly working key and the door’s still unlocked. That’s why in such cases, it’s better to call an expert and patiently wait for him to unlock the door without causing any further damage.

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