How To Prevent Getting Locked Out Of Your House

Just got home with your grocery to realize that you’ve forgotten your keys inside? You’re going to have to wait for someone else to reach home, hoping they have a spare key.

It’s sometimes impossible to keep track of every little detail when it comes to our busy routines. It only takes one moment of distraction when leaving the house to end up getting locked out, wasting your time and money. Your only option left is calling an expert locksmith in Winchester to help get you inside your home..

Nobody prefers to get locked out of their own home. Read the following tips to prevent it from happening again.

Keep a spare in your car

This option is a lifesaver for all you homeowners who own a car. Keeping a spare key in your car can help you get in if you’ve forgotten your house keys inside. Hiding your key inside the glove compartment or under the mat is a good option as long as it’s not in plain sight. Even if your car gets stolen, they won’t be looking for a house key.

Yes, this is an excellent option but don’t go about keeping all your keys in the same bundle. You’ll lose access to your home as well as your car, having no other choice than to call a locksmith in Winchester to unlock both.

Use a lockbox

It’s a very common idea for people to keep a spare key outside their homes to avoid getting locked out. Yes, this is an excellent option, but with 1 in every 43 homes around Winchester, Virginia, facing property crime and burglary, you’ll be safer not leaving your key under your doormat or a garden plant pot. Even burglars are aware of these common hiding spaces. 

What you can do is invest in a lockbox and hide that anywhere around your front porch with a spare key in it. These lockboxes will only open with a code that you and your family know.

Leave a spare key with a friend

Trusting your friend or family member with a spare key can be a great way to prevent you from getting locked out. You can visit them and get your spare key. The main idea here is that you trust this individual to be responsible, considering you’ve given them access to your home.

A good option is to choose a friend or family member that lives within a 5-mile radius of your home so that you don’t have to travel far to get into your house.

Switch to smart locks

If you’re down to spend a few extra dollars, there’s an ideal solution to your problem. Installing an intelligent locking system on your door will ensure safety and high-quality protection. Apart from that, you’ll never be worried about getting locked out again. Intelligent locks have several features. They use keypad combinations, fingerprint scanning or even eye scanning if you’re really into it. Another benefit of smart locks is that they can be controlled with your smartphones. Locking and unlocking your home can also be done remotely. 

 Unlocking a smart lock with a cell phone

However, if you do get locked out of your house with no help in sight, consider calling a locksmith in Winchester, Virginia.

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