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Here’s How You Can Rekey a Lock

A doorknob and a keyhole

You’ve probably moved into a new place and are worried about the number of keys the former owner might have to your house. Or you lost your key and are worried that burglars might have had access to it. Both are good reasons for considering lock rekeying. While it’s always best to call an expert, the good news is that you can even do it yourself. Wondering how to do that? This guide will walk you through the entire lock rekeying process.

1. Remove the Doorknob

A person holding a doorknob with a key on it

This is the first step where you need to remove the doorknob from the door. You can do this by putting a wire-like tool into the knob hole and safely removing the door knob.

1. Remove the Cylinder

After removing the knob from the door, the next step is to remove the cylinder. You can do this by removing the cap from the back of the knob and then pushing the cylinder to the back.

2. Remove the Ring

Your kit will have a ring tool which you can use to remove the retainer ring by pushing the tool against the ring. You can then set the ring aside safely.

3. Remove the Cylinder Plug

This is the most critical part where the cylinder plug will have to be removed from the cylinder. Start off by inserting the old key and then turning it around. Look for a plug follower in your kit and remove the plug by pushing it through the cylinder. Keep the plug follower tight until it’s fully removed to make sure that the pins don’t come off.

4. Insert New Pins and Assemble the Lock

This is our favorite part. At this stage, you can discard the old pins and insert the new ones. You can make use of tweezers to match the new color pins to the color code which is mentioned in the instruction manual. Once you’ve inserted the pins, reassemble the lock by reversing all the steps.

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