Door Lock Problems

Door lock failure is one of the major reasons for robberies and break-ins in residential homes. In Winchester, during 2017, the crime rate was well above the average crime rate of the country.

Home security cannot be compromised. That’s why it’s crucial that you have the best locks.

This blog post will tell you a number of lock problems you should be aware of:

Easy Locks

Your main lock on the front door needs to be the best one. Makes sure to install a heavy-duty lock on your front door.

If your door lock hasn’t been repaired in a while. Do it. Plus, you should never leave your house unguarded, no matter how safe your neighborhood is.


There are points resembling tiny hinges that need to be fixed inside the lock to keep your door locked tightly. If this mechanism is disturbed, the lock won’t fit tightly, and it’ll be easy to unlock it.

Most of the time, the quality of the mechanism inside the lock is responsible for this kind of failure. Cheap locks may get warped after a few months. Plus, weather conditions like high humidity or a storm might interrupt with their mechanisms.

If it’s not clicking properly, you probably need to recheck and get it repaired.

Key Stuck in Lock

Lubrication of your locks is crucial. If you don’t do it regularly, it will rust and your keys won’t twist smoothly inside the lock. If that’s the case, your key can get stuck inside the lock, and the next thing you know, you’re hitting your door lock with a hammer.

You’ll end up either breaking the key inside the lock, or damaging the door altogether. It’s better to get a professional before you try something like this.

old blue door

An Old Lock

Old door locks are easier to break-in. They wear from the inside, and their mechanisms don’t work well. Other keys might unlock them too. The older the lock, the more eroded its mechanisms are.

Always check the expiration date for your locks and get them replaced in time. It’s best to get professional help when it concerns your home’s security.

If you’re facing any of these door lock problems, we’re here for you. We offer car locksmith services and emergency home services in Winchester. If you think your locks need help, call us at 540-535-6629.

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