Ways to Unlock a Door Without A Key

Locking yourself out of your own home can go from an annoying situation to a dangerous one quickly. That’s why you should always be prepared. Don’t panic. There are ways to unlock your door without a key. This blog post will tell you what to do in such a situation:

Contact People You Trust

In case you’re renting your home, there’s always a chance your landlord has an extra key or knows a secret way in. Call them immediately. They’re the first person you should contact.

Always make a copy of your key and give it to your best friend or a family member you trust most. Whenever you’re locked out, call them. They might be your best chance when locked out at three in the morning.

screwdriver on table

DYI-ing is Handy Sometimes

If you like to play around with tools, there’s some hope for you. Try unscrewing the latch with your screwdriver from the outside. It’s possible that you don’t have the right tools in your car or any lying around in the backyard. So, try knocking on your neighbor’s and get some help.

If you can’t find tools, try using your hairpin or a paper clip. Sometimes, the right twist can be a lucky one, and you can unlock your door in a minute. You just need to try different angles and give the lock a few jerks.

Secret Passages

Most homes have large windows that could help you sneak in. Go to your backyard and check for the secret passage. If you’re lucky, you can slide open a window from the outside and climb inside.

If you’ve got a basement, chances are there’s a backdoor in your garage or backyard. They’re rarely used, so you can experiment your DYI-ing skills here. Most of the time, these doors are old and easy to open with minimum tools and expertise.

If no DIY solutions work, break in! Yes, in the worst case scenario, when you can’t call anybody or have any tools to play with. This might be your only chance. Find a window that can fit you through and break it with your elbow. Be careful and watch for broken glass when you sneak in.

Best Solution

While these ways may help, they’re tricky and can lead to more trouble. It’s best to get help from professionals. That’s where we come in. If you need home lockout services in Winchester, we’re here for you. We also offer emergency locksmith services and residential rekeying services. Call us at 540-535-6629 and schedule your appointment right now.


Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Fix a Locked Door

When you lose your house or car keys, you know it’s one of those bad days. You start to panic and wonder what to do. Then you remember the YouTube video you saw a while ago, explaining all the door unlocking hacks you should try when you find yourself in such a situation.

While some hacks do work, most land you in greater trouble. This blog post will share some of the mistakes you should avoid when trying to fix a locked door.

Curled-wire Hack

This hack takes a soft wire curled into a hook, often in the shape of a coat-hanger. You slide in the wire and try to unlock the door lock inside your car. If you’re nowhere near as experienced as the person in the video you watched, chances are you’d ruin your car windows or scratch its tints.

It can also permanently damage your car lock and ruin the beautiful interior. It’s better to reach to a professional to avoid this.

Screwdriver and Rod

Remember those movies where the villain takes a rod and a screwdriver, and bam! He breaks into a nice car. Never do that. It only works in the movies. If you take up a rod and a screwdriver to your door lock or your car door, you’ll only regret it later.

This hack involves making an opening between the door and the wall, so you can bump the lock sideways with a rod. This might permanently damage your door, or if you’re working on a car, it’ll ruin its paint and shape.

It’s better to throw these tools aside and call a professional to ensure your car’s or home’s safety and avoid any repair-related costs.

 key stuck in white door

Trying Similar keys

It might sound tempting to try all the other similar keys to the locked door, but it’s not. If you think all the keys are more or less same, they’re not. Each key is designed for its specific lock.

If you try to force a similar key into the lock, you’d probably break it or jam it inside. Now you lost a perfectly working key and the door’s still unlocked. That’s why in such cases, it’s better to call an expert and patiently wait for him to unlock the door without causing any further damage.

Our expert locksmiths are there for you. At Liberty Locksmith Services, know how to unlock your door without any damage. If you’re looking for a home or a car lockout service in Winchester, contact us! We offer mobile locksmith, car locksmith services, and residential rekeying. Contact us anytime here at 5405356629.


Best Key Safes

A key safe allows you to secure your house key outside the house in case of an emergency or if you’re planning to go for a long vacation. It provides an easy and reliable solution to secure your key.

Are you afraid that you’re going to be locked out of your own home? Do you think it’s the right time to buy a key safe? This blog post will discuss some of the best options out there:

Digital Key Safes

Digital key safes offer immediate ease and reliability. They can track the people who used the key safe and when they used it. They allow you to reprogram your passcode in case you think someone stole your password.

They allow a lot of flexibility with combination codes that are safe and can be altered at any time. Business owners who need to change their security combination often use these highly secure safes.

After a number of incorrect attempts, the person is locked out for a certain time before they can try again. In some cases, a security alarm goes off.

That said, digital key safes cost a lot more than traditional key lock safes and require regular battery changes.

Traditional Key Safes

This option has been around for decades. They’re very reliable and secure and almost everyone has used one. They are cheap and can last for very long if they’re properly maintained and taken care of.  

Traditional key safes are used by people who value ease and simplicity. Plus, if they want more security, they are often upgradeable to a dial combination. However, maintenance and repairs need professional care and you must have a locksmith available for emergencies.

If the lock’s broken or a key is stuck, it may take some time for a locksmith to unlock it. This is something to keep in mind if you go for the cheaper and traditional option.

close up of push button lock

Mechanical Push-Button Safes

These are another keyless option with a temporary or permanent code. They come with a keypad installed on the door and where you can put in the passcode and push the mechanical handle to twist the lock open and enter your home.

To reset the code, most mechanical push-button safes need you to open the lock and press the “clear” button while the handle is half turned. This reveals the panel that has the rest mechanism.

They’re easy to use but cost a little more than traditional safes. They save you a lot of hassle, but at the same time could be very troublesome if you forget the code. You’d need a locksmith at your service 24/7 in the event that that happens.

Contact Us

Contact us for a locksmith for emergency locksmith services. We provide the best locksmith services in Winchester at Liberty Locksmith Service. Contact us here for experts who’re always ready to cater your door lock services.


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Losing car keys can disrupt your plans and affect your routine.

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What To Do In a Home Lockout if the Kids Are Inside

As a parent, your child’s safety is very important to you. And yet, no one is perfect, and accidents are bound to happen. If you’re busy running errands and attending to a million other things outside your house, it’s impossible to be vigilant of your children at all times. Home lockouts with your kids still inside are a nightmarish situation, but it’s best to be aware of the solutions you should apply if you ever find yourself in this state.

Pace Yourself

You’ll be able to find a solution to this problem only if you remain calm. Think with a clear mind to figure out the best course of action

Talk to Your Kids

If your kids are old enough to understand you, talk to them first through the door or a window and make sure they’re alright. Children are bound to get frightened in this situation; you must calm them down to ensure they’re safe. If they’re old enough to understand, help them unlock the door from the inside by giving them verbal instructions. If they aren’t, make sure they’re sitting in one area, so you are aware of their whereabouts within the house. It’s also a good idea to tell them to stay away from spots in the home that could be dangerous without an adult present, like the kitchen or the bathroom.

A father and his daughter paint a cardboard playhouse

Trace the Lost Keys

If your home is locked because you lost the keys, try searching the area outside where you think you may have dropped them on the way. You can even ask your children – if they’re old enough – to search for the key inside the home, which they can then slide through the door opening to you. If you have a spare key hidden outside your house, now will be a good time to look for it. You can also look for an open window in your garage or around your home through which you can easily climb back in.

Call a Locksmith

If your chances of getting inside the house by yourself are slim, it’s best to call a locksmith. A professional locksmith can open the door for you without causing damage to the lock or any other area of your door. It’s your best possible solution. Call a locksmith in your area who is experienced with home lockouts and explain to them the kind of door lock you have in advance so that they come prepared with the right tools.

It’s also a good idea to prepare for such events beforehand. You should develop a family emergency plan in case of a home lockout and review it with your children, so they’re aware of what to do under the circumstances. You should also have the contact information of your local locksmith saved on your phone. If you ever need an emergency locksmith or home lockout service in Winchester, we can help! It takes us only around 20-30 minutes to reach you! Send us a message here or call us anytime at 540-535-6629.


Why do Door Locks fail?

Failing door locks are a significant reason for break-ins and burglaries in residential neighborhoods. In a region like Winchester, where the crime rate was 1.4 times greater than the national average in 2017, homeowners can’t compromise home security. And having a robust security system is the first thing you should do!

If your door lock is easy to break in or unreliable, you need to get it repaired ASAP. You shouldn’t leave your home unguarded even for an hour because the risk is too high. However, if you know why door locks commonly fail, you can prevent problems from happening or realize them sooner the next time.

Here are some major reasons why door locks fail to secure your home properly.


There are locking points inside your door lock that need to engage the keeps to lock when you turn the key. If there’s an interruption in this mechanism, the door won’t lock. The elements are to blame for affecting the locking points and making the lock warp. It’s not always in case of a storm or visible weather changes. Slight fluctuations in humidity levels can also affect your lock system. If your door is not locking properly or opens upon turning without a key, it’s a huge security risk. Call us any day, and we’ll take a look at it.

Broken Key

If you don’t lubricate your locks and they rust from inside, it’ll get hard to pull the key out once it’s in. Tugging at it with full force or hitting the lock with a heavy object can damage both. In case the key breaks inside the lock, you won’t be able to use either of them. You need to get a professional locksmith service to change the lock or get the key out and make a new one for it.

Old Lock

Old locks tend to wear out from the insides with regular use. Every time you put the key in, it rubs against the locking points, causing them to erode with time. Even though this happens over many years, the expiration date of locks ultimately arrives. You will inevitably have to get the lock replaced with a new one if it has been very long since you got it changed. If it’s not working without an apparent reason, you should know it’s time to say good-bye to your good ol’ lock.


Damage upon impact is another leading cause of faulty locks. If something has hit your door, the chances are that the lock would have been damaged. This can happen on garage door locks when you accidentally reverse your car and bump into it or in case of a windstorm when a flying object hits your door. If your lock isn’t working anymore, give us a call, and we’ll come right away.

We specialize in emergency home and car locksmith services in Winchester. If you need our assistance, dial 540-535-6629.


What To Do In Case of a Car Lockout?

Being locked out of your car can be extremely frustrating, especially if there are places you have to be. It’s only normal to feel panicked when you’re in this situation and might even consider trying out drastic solutions; however, remaining calm and collected can help you figure out the best course of action. Here are the steps you need to follow in case of a car lockout.

Find the Key

It’s both good and bad news if your keys are still inside the vehicle: bad because you’re locked out and good because at least you know where the keys are. In case you can’t find the keys inside the vehicle, it would be best to retrace your steps and calmly look in places you may have lost them in. Check around or under your vehicle as well. In case you can’t find the keys or find them inside your vehicle, you’d have to move on to the next step.

Don’t Use Hacks

No matter how desperately you have to use your car, it’s never a good idea to use hacks to open the car’s lock. Many of these hacks can end up seriously damaging your car’s locks, doors, or windows, and these can be quite costly to repair later on.

An interior view of a car parked in the woods

Call Family or Friends

If you are in a rush, contact a family member or a friend to give you a ride instead. Getting help may take time, and any self-applied hacks may cause damage.

Contact Professionals

Professional locksmiths are trained to rekey your car without damaging the lock. You can rely on mobile locksmith services in Winchester to reach your pin location in under half an hour and help you deal with the situation.

Call the local locksmiths in your area and ask them if they deal with auto lockouts. Be sure to mention your car’s make and model so that they bring the right tools.


An auto lockout can happen to anyone at any time. It is best to prepare for this situation in advance. Have a spare set of emergency car keys at your home so you can always access them in an emergency. You should also have the contact information of a trusted auto locksmith saved on your phone for times like these. If you regularly commute to work, ensure you have locksmith contacts saved in areas nearby so you can get their help as soon as possible.

If you are looking for help with auto lockouts in Winchester or are looking for a mobile locksmith, we can help. It takes us only around 20-30 minutes to reach you! Contact us here or call us anytime at 540-535-6629.


Worst Days to Be Locked Out of Your Car

Car lockouts have a way of happening at the worst possible times. No matter how responsibly you keep your car keys or keep a spare key at home for such occasions, there will be times when you’re helplessly locked out of your car.

That’s when you realize the importance of emergency car lockout services. Without them, you won’t be able to drive or access the belongings that are locked inside with the keys. Want to know what could be the worst occasion for such mishaps to happen? Read on.


As your due date draws near, you wrap up the last of your preparations for the new baby. The nursery is done and set for their arrival. The hospital bag is packed with all the essentials you’ll need. You’ve cooked and packed the food for a few days into post-partum recovery. You’re all set to leave whenever it’s time.

The only shock you’re expecting is if your water breaks before time and you have to rush to the hospital in the middle of the night. You won’t expect to be locked out of your car at the eleventh hour, but it will happen if it’s bound to!

With labor pains and the panic of reaching the hospital in time, your partner may forget to keep an eye on the car keys. Chances are they’ll be locked out while loading the luggage in the car. It’s not just that you don’t have a ride; you’ve always locked everything inside, including the medical documents that you’ll need. You need car lockout assistance ASAP, and we’d be happy to provide it!

Health Emergency

It can be incredibly distressing if a health emergency occurs and there’s no way to reach the nearest hospital in time. It can be anything from a bone fracture to a stroke, second-degree burn, or a deep cut. You need immediate medical attention for it, and that’s why it’s best to have a car ready at all times.

Even though it’s possible to call an ambulance as well, depending on your situation, it may be better to save time and drive to the hospital yourself. You may be away from home when the emergency occurs, or you may need to reach the hospital where your loved one already is.

Hearing the news of friends or family in an intensive care unit is traumatic enough. You want to be there with them, but you can’t if you accidentally lock yourself out of the car. Waste no time and give us a call if you’re in Winchester; you’ll be on your way in the next hour!

A red rental car parked on the road

Rental Car

Imagine renting a luxury car for your anniversary weekend to staycation with your wife. You’re willing to pay for the expenses out of your pocket to do something special and extravagant for your anniversary! But that’s the most you can afford. You know you’ll be charged extra if you delay returning the car.

However, if you lock yourself out of it, you’re in a fix. You will get late on returning the car and pay a surcharge for the keys locked inside. We can save you from all that by offering our lockout services, so you’re on time and save the extra expense.

Call us at 540-535-6629 whenever you need us for car locksmith services in Winchester, and we’ll be there.