5 Ways You Can Improve Your Car Security

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau NICB, there’s been a 9.25% increase in car thefts in the U.S between 2019 and 2020, leading to a staggering 799,644 cars stolen in 2020 alone. 

With the situation getting this bad for car owners, you’ll need to be cautious about where you park your car and what security measure you take to protect it from theft. 

In Winchester, Virginia, car lockout service providers are aware of this troublesome situation and have the following tips to share for preventing them from being stolen. 

1. Lock system upgrade

Your door lock system depends on the model of your car. Upgrading to a new and advanced locking system can help improve the security of your vehicle. As car lock systems vary in type and function, they have their benefits and disadvantages.

Upgrading your standard locks to an electronic car lock is an efficient option. These electronic locks are hard to break and come with an automatic alarm system. Now your car will not only be safe against theft but also give you easy access through key cards or a push button.

2. Car Alarms

All cars can have basic alarm systems incorporated into their doors. This is an affordable and effective way to safeguard your vehicle. These alarms will go off when an intruder tries to get into the car without using a key and will alert everyone in the area. Make sure that your alarm system is working at all times, as theft can occur anytime.

3. Install Immobilizers

Another good option when considering your car’s security is installing an immobilizer in your vehicle. This electronic device prevents the engine from starting unless its transponder key is used to start the ignition. Every key has its unique code, making it difficult to copy or forge, making it nearly impossible to steal your car. 

4. Tracking systems

This system uses cellular transmission to locate the whereabouts of your vehicle. It not only tracks your car’s location but can also indicate its current speed and distance over time.

This system will not prevent your vehicle from being robbed. However, it can determine the location of your stolen vehicle, making it an excellent secondary security option to have installed in your car.

5. Steering locks/gear lock

A steering lock can be fitted over your steering wheel to prevent it from moving. A gear lock will not let you change gears unless it’s unlocked.

These locking devices are a relatively cheap option compared to car alarms and tracking systems, but they get the job done.

When choosing a locking device for your steering wheel or gearbox, make sure not to compromise when it comes to price.

No matter how high-end your security system is, there’s always going to be a chance of theft. Caution and care are what every car owner should practice to reduce car theft.

Car key in the ignition

At Liberty Locksmith Services, we advise all our customers to give their car’s security system an upgrade, this prevents financial troubles due to car theft.

If you’re looking for an automobile door lock opening service in Winchester, we’ve got you covered. We also offer car lockout services, home lockout services, lock rekeying services, and emergency locksmith services in Winchester, Virginia.

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How To Prevent Getting Locked Out Of Your House

Just got home with your grocery to realize that you’ve forgotten your keys inside? You’re going to have to wait for someone else to reach home, hoping they have a spare key.

It’s sometimes impossible to keep track of every little detail when it comes to our busy routines. It only takes one moment of distraction when leaving the house to end up getting locked out, wasting your time and money. Your only option left is calling an expert locksmith in Winchester to help get you inside your home..

Nobody prefers to get locked out of their own home. Read the following tips to prevent it from happening again.

Keep a spare in your car

This option is a lifesaver for all you homeowners who own a car. Keeping a spare key in your car can help you get in if you’ve forgotten your house keys inside. Hiding your key inside the glove compartment or under the mat is a good option as long as it’s not in plain sight. Even if your car gets stolen, they won’t be looking for a house key.

Yes, this is an excellent option but don’t go about keeping all your keys in the same bundle. You’ll lose access to your home as well as your car, having no other choice than to call a locksmith in Winchester to unlock both.

Use a lockbox

It’s a very common idea for people to keep a spare key outside their homes to avoid getting locked out. Yes, this is an excellent option, but with 1 in every 43 homes around Winchester, Virginia, facing property crime and burglary, you’ll be safer not leaving your key under your doormat or a garden plant pot. Even burglars are aware of these common hiding spaces. 

What you can do is invest in a lockbox and hide that anywhere around your front porch with a spare key in it. These lockboxes will only open with a code that you and your family know.

Leave a spare key with a friend

Trusting your friend or family member with a spare key can be a great way to prevent you from getting locked out. You can visit them and get your spare key. The main idea here is that you trust this individual to be responsible, considering you’ve given them access to your home.

A good option is to choose a friend or family member that lives within a 5-mile radius of your home so that you don’t have to travel far to get into your house.

Switch to smart locks

If you’re down to spend a few extra dollars, there’s an ideal solution to your problem. Installing an intelligent locking system on your door will ensure safety and high-quality protection. Apart from that, you’ll never be worried about getting locked out again. Intelligent locks have several features. They use keypad combinations, fingerprint scanning or even eye scanning if you’re really into it. Another benefit of smart locks is that they can be controlled with your smartphones. Locking and unlocking your home can also be done remotely. 

 Unlocking a smart lock with a cell phone

However, if you do get locked out of your house with no help in sight, consider calling a locksmith in Winchester, Virginia.

We at Liberty Locksmith Service are professional locksmiths in Winchester. Our locksmith services, including lock rekeying services, home lockout services, car lockout services, and emergency locksmith services.

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4 Types Of Locks And Their Uses

Moving to your new home in Winchester, KY, your first task should be replacing all your door locks. The State of Safety survey indicates that break-ins are the most common crime among various homes in the U.S., which is why you need to consider a variety of factors when selecting the types of locks you use to secure your home. 

To make your new home burglar-proof, you’ll not only need the best performing locking systems but will also need professional locksmiths in Winchester to install them.

There are various kinds of lock and key systems available in the market. Here’s a thorough breakdown of their types.

1. Deadbolt lock

Unarguably the most common type of lock used all around your home is a deadbolt lock. They’re not only affordable and cost-effective but also efficient when it comes to securing external doors.

Its locking mechanism consists of a cylinder connected to a handle that runs into a socket in the door frame. It has a simple keyhole that can unlock it.  Deadbolts reduce the risk of forced entry as it makes it difficult for burglars to break-in.

2. Knob locks

Another type of locking system we regularly come across is knob locks, primarily used for doors inside the house. These locks can be used on external doors as well. It can, however, be used to provide extra security when installed alongside deadbolt locks on the same door.

These doorknob locks can be locked from both sides with their locking mechanism within the knob itself. Making it possible to lock your door from inside as well as outside.

3. Mortise locks

A more powerful lock is a Mortise lock that is widely used in both commercial and apartment doors. It consists of a locking hardware mechanism that’s screwed into place on the door. Available in a wide range of options having two, three, and five lever locks. The number of levers indicates how many points the lock runs into the door frame.

Making this a more secure option for homes as it’s difficult to tamper with.

4. Electronic locks

The more modern option when it comes to locking systems is electronic locks. These locking systems are often connected to an alarm and have a keypad, or a key card system enforced with a unique code. 

Commonly found in hotels and offices, these locking systems have become popular among residential properties as well.

This locking system is programmable as it can monitor different entry and exit times. It can also identify who entered your home if you assign specific key cards to your family members.

With a smart electronic lock installed, you can now access your door lock remotely through your smartphone. Make it possible to let neighbors in to feed your pet or water your lawn if you decide to get out of town for a few days. 

A number keypad used to unlock a door

Our professional locksmiths are here for you. At Liberty Locksmith Services, we can guide you on selecting the best lock for your specific need. We also offer lock replacement and installation in Winchester.

If you’re searching for a house or car lockout service in Winchester, get in touch with us. We offer mobile locksmith and residential rekeying throughout Winchester.

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To Rekey Your Lock Or Replace It?

Lost your key again? Don’t sweat it. It happens to all of us. The main question at hand is what happens next. Your first instinct may be to replace the lock entirely, but there is another option you can consider as well.

Rekeying helps you keep the same lock but change the key that was once used to open it. It’s an intricate process that rekeying services Winchester can easily handle.

It’s often difficult to decide between these two options for lock repair. Let’s try to break it down.


Rekeying refers to altering the locking mechanism of a lock so that it’s impossible for an old key to open it. Instead, you’ll need a new key. One good reason for rekeying your lock is if all the locks in your house are of the same brand. It’s possible to alter all of these locks, provided they have the same keyhole. In this way, you can tweak the lock so that one key can open all locks in the house. You no longer need to worry about handling many different keys for different locks in your home.

If you’ve misplaced your old keys and are afraid that someone now has access to your home, it’s essential to rekey your locks that the old key doesn’t work anymore.

Are you moving into a new home? Your first plan of action should be to rekey all its locks. This way you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that only you and your family members have access to your home.

Replacing the lock

It’s very self-explanatory that your entire door lock is replaced with a new one in this option. In this way, you’ll have new locks and new keys for your home.

If your lock is old and worn out, the best option is to change it entirely. Worn-out locks make it easy for burglars to break into your home.

With access to new and improved locking systems, you may want to change your door’s traditional locking mechanism to something more modern and high-tech. Replacing is the only option to go for in this case.

Finally, if you want to match all the locks in your house to a single key, but these locks are of different brands, you’ll have to call a specialist to replace all locks to match the brand. Often many lock companies offer multiple locks with a single key, as it’s more convenient for customers.

A key unlocking the door


Let’s suppose you’re still confused between locking and replacing the door locks. You need to think about some basic things like affordability. In many cases rekeying is almost always cheaper than replacing locks as you save on purchasing brand new parts. The only cost is what you pay the locksmith.

If you’ve lost the key to your home, you should get a quote from a locksmith for rekeying and replacing the lock to compare and get the more affordable option. However, if you’ve recently experienced a break-in and your lock was picked, you’ll need to replace the locks entirely with a new and improved locking system.

At Liberty Locksmith Service, we have a team of skilled local locksmiths in Winchester. Offering exceptional services, like emergency locksmith services, lock rekeying services, car lockout services, and home lockout services.

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Locked Out? What To Do Next

It’s better to call a professional locksmith and wait a little while to gain access to your home.

Locked Out? What To Do Next

5 Most Common Door Lock Problems

Your door lock is most likely the only barrier between you and others entering your home. You should regularly check whether your door locks are working properly to avoid any potential lockouts or thefts. Here are five common door lock problems that you may encounter that should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Sticking Locks

If you’re experiencing difficulty when inserting or removing the key from the lock, a quick fix is to spray and lubricate the door lock with WD-40. If the sticking persists, your door might be dirty and requires thorough cleaning. Avoid forcing your key in stuck or jammed door locks as it can cause serious damage to your door lock or potentially break your home key.

Key Breaks In Your Lock

Speaking of broken keys, applying excessive force on your home key can cause it to break and get stuck inside the door lock. If you have a slim tweezer or plier, you can pull it out and use a duplicate key to carefully open your lock. If that’s not possible, you’ll require expert locksmith services. Fortunately, we can send an emergency locksmith right to your residence in the event of a home lockout in Winchester.

Key in a door lock

Key Misalignment

Every door lock comprises code pinning that matches your key shape. When your key misaligns, it will fail to unlock your lock. In such circumstances, you may assume that your lock is faulty and thus choose to replace the entire lock. On the other hand, rekeying is a more cost-effective solution as it involves altering the pinning of the lock, which can be done in a few minutes by a qualified locksmith. Our residential rekeying service in Winchester is praised for its accuracy and quality of service.

Loose Door Locks

Crime statistics show that 95% of burglaries use some form of forced entry, including fiddling with door locks. If your door lock is loose, your home will be a prime target for burglars. Door locks become loose over years of daily use or if they were poorly installed in the first place. Retighten the screws surrounding your door lock to ensure that your door lock is intact.

Damaged Door Lock

If your door lock has suffered from force or wear and tear over the years, repairs might not be the best solution. Instead, replace the entire door lock with a newer and robust door lock. Investing in a quality door lock is essential for your security and privacy. A qualified locksmith can help guide you on the best door locks available in the market that guarantee many years of use.

Liberty Locksmith Service LLC has a team of qualified local locksmiths in Winchester, Virginia. We offer exceptional locksmith services, including home lockout services, car lockout services, lock rekeying services, and emergency locksmith services. If you wish to avail of any of the locksmith services, feel free to contact us, and we’ll gladly be of assistance.


6 Reasons Why You Should Rekey Your House

Homeowners and tenants must take responsibility for their home security by ensuring that their door lock is in order. Many residents opt to change their entire lock system for various reasons; however, that can be quite costly. Lock rekeying is a cost-effective alternative where the locksmith will change the lock’s pinning code and provide you a new set of keys without changing the door lock. Here’re six situations where you should consider rekeying your house locks.

When Moving Into A New House

When moving into a new home, new residents make the effort of changing the interior and décor but neglect their door locks. The probability of having copies of your main door key floating around is high since you never know the number of spare keys the previous resident handed out. Rekeying your home should be the first security step when moving into a new home.

After Separation From A Partner Or Spouse

To one’s dismay, some relationships end on a bad note, and vengeful partners may want to enter into your home and cause harm. Therefore it’s better to take the safe route and immediately rekey your home after a relationship status change before an unwanted person barges in your home.

When You Detect A Theft or Burglary

Theft is one of the most worrisome property crimes, and understandably so. According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every 30 seconds, adding up to 3,000 burglaries per day.  If you’ve recently been a victim of a burglary and see no signs of forced entry, there’s a chance that the burglar has gotten their hands on a key copy. A lock rekeying service can create a new lock and key within minutes.

Key in a door lock

When Your Main Or Spare Key Is Misplaced Or Stolen

If you’ve lost your main or spare key or have suspicions that it may have been stolen, rekeying your home should be your first step to ensure no one can get access to your home aside from you. Furthermore, if you’re locked outside and cannot manage to find your key, a local locksmith in Winchester can provide home lockout services along with rekeying services.

When You’ve Made Too Many Key Copies

Sometimes, making spare copies can get out of hand when providing family members, friends, and neighbors with your home keys. In the wrong hands, this can prove detrimental as they can enter your private residence without your permission. You can restrict the number of keys once again after rekeying your home.

When A Roommate, House Keeper, Or Babysitter Leaves

Many people join or leave your residence over time, such as roommates, housekeepers, and babysitters. They may not always return the keys, and some may even make multiple copies for emergencies. Residential rekeying service can help you create a new set of keys without installing new locks.

Liberty Locksmith Service LLC provides expert residential rekeying services in Winchester. We’ve offered our exceptional services to numerous clients over the years who’re satisfied by the services provided. We also offer emergency locksmith services in the event of a lockout or lost key. Don’t hesitate to give us a call during such events, so our qualified locksmith can reach your residence ASAP.


All You Need to Know About a Car’s Ignition System

A car’s ignition system is the first step to start the vehicle and get moving. An ignition system takes just a few seconds to start the car, but a sequence of mechanisms are involved in starting the engine. If the ignition system doesn’t work properly and precisely, your car engine won’t start, and other methods will need to be implemented. Here’s what you need to know about a car’s ignition system.

Generate a High Voltage

When you turn on the ignition switch with an ignition key, a 12-volt battery generates a high voltage of 30,000 volts, which is sent to the sparkplug. This creates an explosion in the fuel-air mixture, which ignites the combustion chambers of the engine. Without an ignition key or access to the ignition system, you won’t be able to turn on the engine. Be sure to contact a car locksmith in Winchester to open your car door if your key is missing or was left inside a locked car. However, timing is crucial as all the components must work together to start the engine successfully. Failure to do so can cause performance issues and even irreversible damage to the engine. Distributors play a major role in the right timing of the voltage’s delivery to the engine cylinders.

Distribute The Current To The Cylinders

The high voltage or spark must reach the correct cylinder at the right time. The distributor has contact-breaker points that are connected to the ground by a lever. The cams on the central shaft open the contact-breaker points. The number of cams depends on the number of cylinders, where a four-cylinder engine will have four cams, and a six-cylinder engine will have six cams. The distributor cap and spark plugs’ position must meet at the right time to distribute the voltage to the combustion chambers of the engine. Newer cars don’t include a central distributor and instead have an ignition coil on each sparkplug, which provides more accuracy.

Ignition system of a red car

Spark Plugs Create The Spark In The Combustion Chambers

Spark plugs are located on the cylinder’s combustion chambers. When the voltage is successfully distributed, the spark plugs create the spark that reaches the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chambers of the engine, thus completing the ignition circuit. Once combustion occurs in the chambers, the engine gets a power boost and starts running. The distributor continues to rotate, which stops the connection. Spark plug wires are made to resist the heat from such high voltages with thick insulation. When spark plugs aren’t in good condition, they can cause spark misfires which will degrade your engine’s performance over time.

If you’re looking for a trusted car locksmith service in Winchester, look no further than Liberty Locksmith Services LLC. We offer expert automobile door lock opening services in Winchester for car owners and drivers who can’t enter their cars because of a misplaced key. Give us a call and tell us your location, and our expert locksmiths will be on their way within 30 minutes.


4 Ways to Avoid Burglary

Every resident’s worst nightmare is coming home to broken doors, scattered items, and missing valuables. Burglaries can come unannounced, and it’s upon you to take the right precautionary measures to ensure that your home and family are safe and sound. Here are four ways to avoid burglaries that you should know.

Install Security Alarm and CCTV Systems

Security alarms and CCTV systems are one of the go-to solutions for many residents. A video surveillance system can alert you of any spies or intruders lurking around your home. Install them near all the entrances of your home, like your main door, windows, garage, and backdoor, to keep all entry points in check. When burglars see security systems in place, they avoid breaking into those homes.

Keep The Lights On

Keeping your lights on can give the illusion that your house is occupied by residents. However, avoid keeping them on 24/7. According to citywide neighborhood watch trainers, keeping lights on all day and night can attract burglars more as people normally switch off their lights when going to bed. You can install timers or motion sensors for indoor and outdoor lighting, which can be set to mimic normal human activity inside your home. This will help deter burglars when you’re at work or on vacation.

 A robust door lock

Install High-Quality Door Locks

It’s a rule of thumb to have your doors locked at all times, even if you’re at home. However, don’t install just any door lock but robust and reliable door locks from an expert local locksmith. In case an intruder attempts to break into your home, high-quality door locks will take longer to break than poor quality ones, alerting you that an intruder is planning to barge in. This will give you enough time to call the police and hide your valuables, and remove your family and yourself from harm’s way.

Never Hide Spare Keys Outside

Many residents make the grave mistake of hiding their keys under a doormat or plant pot. Burglars can turn over a few stones and get easy access to your home. Crime reports show that thousands of burglaries are committed due to them using spare keys hidden in obvious places to break into homes. Keep the spare key in your car or with a trusted neighbor to ensure no one has access to it. If you’ve lost your main or spare key, you must alter your lock and key before anyone can gain access to your residence. An expert rekeying service will alter your lock’s control so that only a few people such as your family, close friends, and trusted neighbors can have access to your main door.

Liberty Locksmith LLC is a trusted locksmith service in Winchester that provides home lockout services, lock rekeying services, car lockout services, and other emergency locksmith services. Our expert locksmith services embody mobility, skill, and conviviality to guarantee the best service. If you’re looking for quality locksmith services, contact us now, and our experienced locksmiths will be there to assist you.


Door Lock Problems

Door lock failure is one of the major reasons for robberies and break-ins in residential homes. In Winchester, during 2017, the crime rate was well above the average crime rate of the country.

Home security cannot be compromised. That’s why it’s crucial that you have the best locks.

This blog post will tell you a number of lock problems you should be aware of:

Easy Locks

Your main lock on the front door needs to be the best one. Makes sure to install a heavy-duty lock on your front door.

If your door lock hasn’t been repaired in a while. Do it. Plus, you should never leave your house unguarded, no matter how safe your neighborhood is.


There are points resembling tiny hinges that need to be fixed inside the lock to keep your door locked tightly. If this mechanism is disturbed, the lock won’t fit tightly, and it’ll be easy to unlock it.

Most of the time, the quality of the mechanism inside the lock is responsible for this kind of failure. Cheap locks may get warped after a few months. Plus, weather conditions like high humidity or a storm might interrupt with their mechanisms.

If it’s not clicking properly, you probably need to recheck and get it repaired.

Key Stuck in Lock

Lubrication of your locks is crucial. If you don’t do it regularly, it will rust and your keys won’t twist smoothly inside the lock. If that’s the case, your key can get stuck inside the lock, and the next thing you know, you’re hitting your door lock with a hammer.

You’ll end up either breaking the key inside the lock, or damaging the door altogether. It’s better to get a professional before you try something like this.

old blue door

An Old Lock

Old door locks are easier to break-in. They wear from the inside, and their mechanisms don’t work well. Other keys might unlock them too. The older the lock, the more eroded its mechanisms are.

Always check the expiration date for your locks and get them replaced in time. It’s best to get professional help when it concerns your home’s security.

If you’re facing any of these door lock problems, we’re here for you. We offer car locksmith services and emergency home services in Winchester. If you think your locks need help, call us at 540-535-6629.