All You Need to Know About a Car’s Ignition System

A car’s ignition system is the first step to start the vehicle and get moving. An ignition system takes just a few seconds to start the car, but a sequence of mechanisms are involved in starting the engine. If the ignition system doesn’t work properly and precisely, your car engine won’t start, and other methods will need to be implemented. Here’s what you need to know about a car’s ignition system.

Generate a High Voltage

When you turn on the ignition switch with an ignition key, a 12-volt battery generates a high voltage of 30,000 volts, which is sent to the sparkplug. This creates an explosion in the fuel-air mixture, which ignites the combustion chambers of the engine. Without an ignition key or access to the ignition system, you won’t be able to turn on the engine. Be sure to contact a car locksmith in Winchester to open your car door if your key is missing or was left inside a locked car. However, timing is crucial as all the components must work together to start the engine successfully. Failure to do so can cause performance issues and even irreversible damage to the engine. Distributors play a major role in the right timing of the voltage’s delivery to the engine cylinders.

Distribute The Current To The Cylinders

The high voltage or spark must reach the correct cylinder at the right time. The distributor has contact-breaker points that are connected to the ground by a lever. The cams on the central shaft open the contact-breaker points. The number of cams depends on the number of cylinders, where a four-cylinder engine will have four cams, and a six-cylinder engine will have six cams. The distributor cap and spark plugs’ position must meet at the right time to distribute the voltage to the combustion chambers of the engine. Newer cars don’t include a central distributor and instead have an ignition coil on each sparkplug, which provides more accuracy.

Ignition system of a red car

Spark Plugs Create The Spark In The Combustion Chambers

Spark plugs are located on the cylinder’s combustion chambers. When the voltage is successfully distributed, the spark plugs create the spark that reaches the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chambers of the engine, thus completing the ignition circuit. Once combustion occurs in the chambers, the engine gets a power boost and starts running. The distributor continues to rotate, which stops the connection. Spark plug wires are made to resist the heat from such high voltages with thick insulation. When spark plugs aren’t in good condition, they can cause spark misfires which will degrade your engine’s performance over time.

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