6 Reasons Why You Should Rekey Your House

Homeowners and tenants must take responsibility for their home security by ensuring that their door lock is in order. Many residents opt to change their entire lock system for various reasons; however, that can be quite costly. Lock rekeying is a cost-effective alternative where the locksmith will change the lock’s pinning code and provide you a new set of keys without changing the door lock. Here’re six situations where you should consider rekeying your house locks.

When Moving Into A New House

When moving into a new home, new residents make the effort of changing the interior and décor but neglect their door locks. The probability of having copies of your main door key floating around is high since you never know the number of spare keys the previous resident handed out. Rekeying your home should be the first security step when moving into a new home.

After Separation From A Partner Or Spouse

To one’s dismay, some relationships end on a bad note, and vengeful partners may want to enter into your home and cause harm. Therefore it’s better to take the safe route and immediately rekey your home after a relationship status change before an unwanted person barges in your home.

When You Detect A Theft or Burglary

Theft is one of the most worrisome property crimes, and understandably so. According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every 30 seconds, adding up to 3,000 burglaries per day.  If you’ve recently been a victim of a burglary and see no signs of forced entry, there’s a chance that the burglar has gotten their hands on a key copy. A lock rekeying service can create a new lock and key within minutes.

Key in a door lock

When Your Main Or Spare Key Is Misplaced Or Stolen

If you’ve lost your main or spare key or have suspicions that it may have been stolen, rekeying your home should be your first step to ensure no one can get access to your home aside from you. Furthermore, if you’re locked outside and cannot manage to find your key, a local locksmith in Winchester can provide home lockout services along with rekeying services.

When You’ve Made Too Many Key Copies

Sometimes, making spare copies can get out of hand when providing family members, friends, and neighbors with your home keys. In the wrong hands, this can prove detrimental as they can enter your private residence without your permission. You can restrict the number of keys once again after rekeying your home.

When A Roommate, House Keeper, Or Babysitter Leaves

Many people join or leave your residence over time, such as roommates, housekeepers, and babysitters. They may not always return the keys, and some may even make multiple copies for emergencies. Residential rekeying service can help you create a new set of keys without installing new locks.

Liberty Locksmith Service LLC provides expert residential rekeying services in Winchester. We’ve offered our exceptional services to numerous clients over the years who’re satisfied by the services provided. We also offer emergency locksmith services in the event of a lockout or lost key. Don’t hesitate to give us a call during such events, so our qualified locksmith can reach your residence ASAP.

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