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6 Must-Have Smart Security Gadgets to Make Your House Safer

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According to statistics, 70% of home burglary attacks occur when there’s nobody at home. With these increasing numbers, it’s important that you install security gadgets to ensure safety for everyone in your house.

Smart security gadgets can help you scare off thieves and burglars to some extent. There can be various types of gadgets that you can install, and we’re listing down some of the most important ones:

1. Web Security Cameras

Web security cameras are one of the smartest security gadgets to be installed in your home for safety. They have a subtle style and are the size of a pepper mill. Moreover, security cameras can detect faces through their face detection technology and work best when installed in entryways.

Web security cameras also have motion sensors to alert you when someone comes or goes outside of your house.

2. Sensor Lights on Door Bell

Normally, burglars ring the bell first to check if somebody is home. A light on the doorbell ringer can automatically turn on to scare them off. Moreover, these lights might also come with a microphone embedded in them.

3. Deadbolt Smart Lock

Many people think that it’s easier to unlock the smart deadbolt, but it’s not. Burglars can try unlocking the lock with anything, but if you have set the smart deadbolt according to your home security requirements, hardly anyone can unlock it.

4. Siren Padlock

Most homeowners often overlook the use of a siren padlock. These padlocks can serve a great purpose to ensure home security. They come with built-in sensors and send alerts when someone tries to fiddle with them.  

Also, they’re considered affordable gadgets to secure the home from intruders.

5. Smart Lights Motion Sensor

Smart lights work as energy savers for your home and can get connected to the smartphone to send alerts. Due to motion sensors, the lights can automatically turn on and let the burglar think that you’re still at home.

6. Barking Dogs Alarm

Barking dog alarms prove to be an efficient way to prevent intruders from breaking into the house. As these alarms can detect motion, your bark alarm goes off whenever there’s a suspicious movement.

An alarm system

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To keep your home safe, the installation of certain smart security gadgets is essential.

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