5 Ways You Can Improve Your Car Security

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau NICB, there’s been a 9.25% increase in car thefts in the U.S between 2019 and 2020, leading to a staggering 799,644 cars stolen in 2020 alone. 

With the situation getting this bad for car owners, you’ll need to be cautious about where you park your car and what security measure you take to protect it from theft. 

In Winchester, Virginia, car lockout service providers are aware of this troublesome situation and have the following tips to share for preventing them from being stolen. 

1. Lock system upgrade

Your door lock system depends on the model of your car. Upgrading to a new and advanced locking system can help improve the security of your vehicle. As car lock systems vary in type and function, they have their benefits and disadvantages.

Upgrading your standard locks to an electronic car lock is an efficient option. These electronic locks are hard to break and come with an automatic alarm system. Now your car will not only be safe against theft but also give you easy access through key cards or a push button.

2. Car Alarms

All cars can have basic alarm systems incorporated into their doors. This is an affordable and effective way to safeguard your vehicle. These alarms will go off when an intruder tries to get into the car without using a key and will alert everyone in the area. Make sure that your alarm system is working at all times, as theft can occur anytime.

3. Install Immobilizers

Another good option when considering your car’s security is installing an immobilizer in your vehicle. This electronic device prevents the engine from starting unless its transponder key is used to start the ignition. Every key has its unique code, making it difficult to copy or forge, making it nearly impossible to steal your car. 

4. Tracking systems

This system uses cellular transmission to locate the whereabouts of your vehicle. It not only tracks your car’s location but can also indicate its current speed and distance over time.

This system will not prevent your vehicle from being robbed. However, it can determine the location of your stolen vehicle, making it an excellent secondary security option to have installed in your car.

5. Steering locks/gear lock

A steering lock can be fitted over your steering wheel to prevent it from moving. A gear lock will not let you change gears unless it’s unlocked.

These locking devices are a relatively cheap option compared to car alarms and tracking systems, but they get the job done.

When choosing a locking device for your steering wheel or gearbox, make sure not to compromise when it comes to price.

No matter how high-end your security system is, there’s always going to be a chance of theft. Caution and care are what every car owner should practice to reduce car theft.

Car key in the ignition

At Liberty Locksmith Services, we advise all our customers to give their car’s security system an upgrade, this prevents financial troubles due to car theft.

If you’re looking for an automobile door lock opening service in Winchester, we’ve got you covered. We also offer car lockout services, home lockout services, lock rekeying services, and emergency locksmith services in Winchester, Virginia.

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