5 Most Common Door Lock Problems

Your door lock is most likely the only barrier between you and others entering your home. You should regularly check whether your door locks are working properly to avoid any potential lockouts or thefts. Here are five common door lock problems that you may encounter that should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Sticking Locks

If you’re experiencing difficulty when inserting or removing the key from the lock, a quick fix is to spray and lubricate the door lock with WD-40. If the sticking persists, your door might be dirty and requires thorough cleaning. Avoid forcing your key in stuck or jammed door locks as it can cause serious damage to your door lock or potentially break your home key.

Key Breaks In Your Lock

Speaking of broken keys, applying excessive force on your home key can cause it to break and get stuck inside the door lock. If you have a slim tweezer or plier, you can pull it out and use a duplicate key to carefully open your lock. If that’s not possible, you’ll require expert locksmith services. Fortunately, we can send an emergency locksmith right to your residence in the event of a home lockout in Winchester.

Key in a door lock

Key Misalignment

Every door lock comprises code pinning that matches your key shape. When your key misaligns, it will fail to unlock your lock. In such circumstances, you may assume that your lock is faulty and thus choose to replace the entire lock. On the other hand, rekeying is a more cost-effective solution as it involves altering the pinning of the lock, which can be done in a few minutes by a qualified locksmith. Our residential rekeying service in Winchester is praised for its accuracy and quality of service.

Loose Door Locks

Crime statistics show that 95% of burglaries use some form of forced entry, including fiddling with door locks. If your door lock is loose, your home will be a prime target for burglars. Door locks become loose over years of daily use or if they were poorly installed in the first place. Retighten the screws surrounding your door lock to ensure that your door lock is intact.

Damaged Door Lock

If your door lock has suffered from force or wear and tear over the years, repairs might not be the best solution. Instead, replace the entire door lock with a newer and robust door lock. Investing in a quality door lock is essential for your security and privacy. A qualified locksmith can help guide you on the best door locks available in the market that guarantee many years of use.

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