4 Ways to Avoid Burglary

Every resident’s worst nightmare is coming home to broken doors, scattered items, and missing valuables. Burglaries can come unannounced, and it’s upon you to take the right precautionary measures to ensure that your home and family are safe and sound. Here are four ways to avoid burglaries that you should know.

Install Security Alarm and CCTV Systems

Security alarms and CCTV systems are one of the go-to solutions for many residents. A video surveillance system can alert you of any spies or intruders lurking around your home. Install them near all the entrances of your home, like your main door, windows, garage, and backdoor, to keep all entry points in check. When burglars see security systems in place, they avoid breaking into those homes.

Keep The Lights On

Keeping your lights on can give the illusion that your house is occupied by residents. However, avoid keeping them on 24/7. According to citywide neighborhood watch trainers, keeping lights on all day and night can attract burglars more as people normally switch off their lights when going to bed. You can install timers or motion sensors for indoor and outdoor lighting, which can be set to mimic normal human activity inside your home. This will help deter burglars when you’re at work or on vacation.

 A robust door lock

Install High-Quality Door Locks

It’s a rule of thumb to have your doors locked at all times, even if you’re at home. However, don’t install just any door lock but robust and reliable door locks from an expert local locksmith. In case an intruder attempts to break into your home, high-quality door locks will take longer to break than poor quality ones, alerting you that an intruder is planning to barge in. This will give you enough time to call the police and hide your valuables, and remove your family and yourself from harm’s way.

Never Hide Spare Keys Outside

Many residents make the grave mistake of hiding their keys under a doormat or plant pot. Burglars can turn over a few stones and get easy access to your home. Crime reports show that thousands of burglaries are committed due to them using spare keys hidden in obvious places to break into homes. Keep the spare key in your car or with a trusted neighbor to ensure no one has access to it. If you’ve lost your main or spare key, you must alter your lock and key before anyone can gain access to your residence. An expert rekeying service will alter your lock’s control so that only a few people such as your family, close friends, and trusted neighbors can have access to your main door.

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