4 Types Of Locks And Their Uses

Moving to your new home in Winchester, KY, your first task should be replacing all your door locks. The State of Safety survey indicates that break-ins are the most common crime among various homes in the U.S., which is why you need to consider a variety of factors when selecting the types of locks you use to secure your home. 

To make your new home burglar-proof, you’ll not only need the best performing locking systems but will also need professional locksmiths in Winchester to install them.

There are various kinds of lock and key systems available in the market. Here’s a thorough breakdown of their types.

1. Deadbolt lock

Unarguably the most common type of lock used all around your home is a deadbolt lock. They’re not only affordable and cost-effective but also efficient when it comes to securing external doors.

Its locking mechanism consists of a cylinder connected to a handle that runs into a socket in the door frame. It has a simple keyhole that can unlock it.  Deadbolts reduce the risk of forced entry as it makes it difficult for burglars to break-in.

2. Knob locks

Another type of locking system we regularly come across is knob locks, primarily used for doors inside the house. These locks can be used on external doors as well. It can, however, be used to provide extra security when installed alongside deadbolt locks on the same door.

These doorknob locks can be locked from both sides with their locking mechanism within the knob itself. Making it possible to lock your door from inside as well as outside.

3. Mortise locks

A more powerful lock is a Mortise lock that is widely used in both commercial and apartment doors. It consists of a locking hardware mechanism that’s screwed into place on the door. Available in a wide range of options having two, three, and five lever locks. The number of levers indicates how many points the lock runs into the door frame.

Making this a more secure option for homes as it’s difficult to tamper with.

4. Electronic locks

The more modern option when it comes to locking systems is electronic locks. These locking systems are often connected to an alarm and have a keypad, or a key card system enforced with a unique code. 

Commonly found in hotels and offices, these locking systems have become popular among residential properties as well.

This locking system is programmable as it can monitor different entry and exit times. It can also identify who entered your home if you assign specific key cards to your family members.

With a smart electronic lock installed, you can now access your door lock remotely through your smartphone. Make it possible to let neighbors in to feed your pet or water your lawn if you decide to get out of town for a few days. 

A number keypad used to unlock a door

Our professional locksmiths are here for you. At Liberty Locksmith Services, we can guide you on selecting the best lock for your specific need. We also offer lock replacement and installation in Winchester.

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