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3 Hideouts for Your Spare Home Keys

A bunch of keys.

Homeowners usually make spare keys and give one to each member of the house who enters and exits at different hours. This makes it convenient for everyone to get in or out whenever they want.

But having so many keys to one lock also increases the chances of break-ins or thefts. The more keys there are, the more accessible your home will be to several people, which may include unauthorized individuals.

It’s better to have one or a few spare keys and secure hideouts for them so only the family members know where the key is. Here are some places where you can store your key.

Bird Feeders

The most significant risk to home security is homeowners hiding their keys in common hideouts such as under the doormat or inside the plant pot. Those have been homeowner’s go-to hideouts, and it’s no longer a secret. It’s best if you think outside the box and make your hideouts more unsuspecting. Bird feeders are a good substitute. If you have bird feeders hanging at your main entrance, you can place your key inside one of them. It may not be locked, but it’s safe because burglars don’t suspect them to contain the keys.

Loose Cobblestones

This is another excellent place to hide your home keys securely. There’s always a loose stone in the walkway leading up to your front door. You’ll know it when you walk over it, and it shakes or vibrates under your step. Although it’s damage to the flooring and needs to be repaired, it’s an excellent place to hide your spare keys.

Pull the loose stone out and place a small plastic box in the space inside. Store your key in it, and make sure you screw the lid on tightly before the place may fill up with water during rain or snow.

‘Welcome Home’ Plaque

Like we said, think like a thief when you’re looking for hideouts for your key. The one thing burglars won’t do is look in the prominent places that are right in front of your eyes. That’s usually where homeowners hang a Welcome sign on their front door. They think no one will hide their spare keys anywhere that’s at an arm’s length in their direct line of sight.

This mindset offers leverage to homeowners. You can easily tape your key at the back of your welcome plaque and paint it the same color as the base. This will secure it doubly because you’re evading the common misconceptions about key hideouts and camouflaging your key as well.

However, if you lose your keys or don’t find them in their place, there’s nothing to worry about. We provide residential re-keying services and can easily re-key your door lock with a new set of keys for your house. This prevents the risk of crimes and preserves home security.

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